Waxahatchee Signs With Merge For LP3

Waxahatchee’s sophomore album, Cerulean Salt, was one of my favorites of 2013 — Katie Crutchfield writes the kind of songs that burrow into your skin and never seem to get old, and since its release I’ve barely gone a week without revisiting it. Cerulean Salt was named one of our best albums of last year, but Crutchfield has been laying low since its release, working on her next album (which she’s been documenting via Instagram). Today, Crutchfield announced that she has signed to Merge Records, who will co-release her third record with Wichita Recordings early next year. Hopefully this means that we can expect a new single very soon. Here’s one of those Instagrammed pics of Crutchfield in the studio.

recording still

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