Laura Marling – “Short Movie” Video

In 2013, the British folk singer Laura Marling released Once I Was An Eagle, one of those albums that sneaks up on you, where you might not realize how good it is until it’s been in your life for a few months. Early next year, she’ll follow that one with a new album called Short Movie. The album’s title track, which Marling just shared, is a pretty great hard-driving indie-folk song with a confident build to it. The song comes packaged with a pretty Art & Graft-directed animated video about a horse running across the desert. Below, watch the video and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “Warrior”
02 “False Hope”
03 “I Feel Your Love”
04 “Walk Alone”
05 “Strange”
06 “Don’t Let Me Bring You Down”
07 “Easy”
08 “Gurdjieff’s Daughter”
09 “Divine”
10 “How Can I”
11 “Howl At The Moon”
12 “Short Movie”
13 “Worship”

Short Movie is out 3/24 on Ribbon in the US, 3/23 on Virgin EMI in the UK.