Bobby Shmurda Arrested In Drug Sting

On his Shmurda She Wrote EP, Bobby Shmurda rapped, “Like, the other day we was over there just shooting.” The NYPD seems to believe Shmurda is still committing crimes; ABC News reports that the rapper, born Ackquille Pollard, was one of several people arrested in relation to a series of gang-related shootings and drug trafficking. Shmurda is part of a group of defendants set to be arraigned Thursday, after which their indictments will be unsealed. Here’s hoping it was all a misunderstanding — and that the Shmoney Dance originator’s lyrics don’t come back to bite him.

UPDATE: The Associated Press (via Wondering Sound) reports that Shmurda pleaded not guilty today in Manhattan Supreme Court. ABC7 reporter Darla Miles tweeted that the rapper’s label, Epic, will post the $2 million bail. Revolt notes that Shmurda’s next court appearance is set for 1/29. His lawyer, Howard Greenberg, told The New York Daily News that the indictment against his client is “a bunch of bullshit.”

Some details on Shmurda’s case from the AP report:

Police arrested Pollard on conspiracy, reckless endangerment and gun possession on Wednesday after he left a recording studio near Radio City Music Hall in midtown Manhattan. Police found two handguns and a small amount of crack cocaine in a car in which he was riding, authorities said.

An indictment naming Pollard charges more than 15 defendants with a variety of crimes including murder, attempted murder, assault and drug dealing. Police seized 21 guns during the investigation, 10 of them while making arrests on Wednesday.

The court papers allege that Pollard fired a gun toward a crowd of people outside a barber shop in Brooklyn earlier this year. They also say he was present last year during a confrontation between rival drug gangs outside a Brooklyn courthouse where shots were fired.

The evidence includes several recorded phone conversations, including some between Pollard and gang members serving time on Rikers Island, the indictment says. The gang used code words, referring to firearms as “tone” and “socks,” narcotics as “crills,” and shootings as “sun tan,” it says.

During a conversation on April 28, Pollard bragged, “I am two socks Bobby right now,” the indictment says.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.]