Italian Man Forming 1,000-Person Cover Band To Bring Foo Fighters To His City

I don’t speak Italian, but it appears a resident of the northern Italian city Cesena is putting together a 1,000-person Foo Fighters cover band in an effort to attract Dave Grohl’s band to their city. At least that’s what the Reddit user who posted the clip has sussed out. A rough translation of his movement’s website seems to confirm that, yes, all this effort is really just to bring the Foo Fighters to Italy’s Romagna region:

1000 Rockers ring simultaneously and in the same place
“Learn to Fly ” by Foo Fighters
All this is to ask Dave Grohl and Co.
to come and play in Romagna.

You might recall that earlier this year a different successfully crowdfunded a Foo Fighters concert in Richmond, which may be where Fabio got his idea. Although I can think of a number of more pressing reasons to band 1,000 people together, I admire his dedication. Watch the video below, and maybe you can translate for the rest of us?

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