POP ETC – “Running In Circles”

POP ETC recently shared covers of artists ranging from U2 to the Beach Boys to Gin Blossoms to Wham! in what now appears to be a warmup for a new album cycle. On New Year’s Eve the band shared a new original song, and it’s the best thing they’ve released since changing their name (Morning Benders –> POP ETC) and sound (Grizzly Bear-influenced chamber pop –> ’80s and ’90s pop). “Running In Circles” is a big, bold, keyboard-driven new wave jam that would fit in fine at radio circa 1984 next to “Boys Of Summer” and “Dancing In The Dark.” Somehow bands are still finding ways to make that style feel fresh and alive; ’80s revivalism has rarely sounded as vibrant as it sounds here. Listen.

Chris Chu confirms that “Running In Circles” is from a new LP coming this year.

UPDATE: Here’s the lyric video.

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