Yours Are The Only Ears – “Fire In My Eyes”

Yours Are The Only Ears is the recording project of Susannah Cutler, a member of the burgeoning Epoch collective. Until recently, she was primarily a visual artist — she did the artwork for and contributed vocals to Small Wonder’s Wendy — but she’s been releasing a string of songs onto Bandcamp over the past few years. The latest is “Fire In My Eyes,” a soft and unassuming track that she recorded with LVL UP’s David Benton. His touch really allows the song to be elevated to the next level, providing a warm and cushy foundation on which to place her beautiful lyrics: “Do you want to smoke on your roof/ And stare at the pavement?/ I imagine my body on the ground/ Am I a good person?” That last line is repeated a few times, morphing into the refrain for the otherwise wandering song. It’s a hell of a question to latch onto, and one that’s largely unanswerable, but it’s probably the one that best represents her music: like her artwork, it sounds like smeared brown and grey with blurry edges, pictures in frames resting on top of dusty windowsills. Listen below.