Nite Fields – “Prescription”

Australia’s two biggest contribution to the postpunk canon are probably Nick Cave and the Go-Betweens. Those two entities couldn’t possibly be any more different, and yet the Aussie band Nite Fields somehow splits the difference between the two of them on their new song “Prescription.” The track has some of Cave’s portentous doom and some of the Go-Betweens lovely, effortless jangle, and it turns out that those two things can coexist beautifully. The band’s debut album Depersonalisation is coming out next month, and we’ve posted their song “You I Never Knew.” “Prescription” is good music to listen to while you’re squinting hard enough to peruse the smaller font sizes on the Coachella poster, and you can hear it below.

Depersonalisation is out 2/3 on Felte.

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