HEALTH Are Coming To Eric André On Friday

It’s understandable if you forgot (or never knew) who HEALTH are: the Los Angeles noise rock group was named a Band To Watch all the way back in 2007, and their biggest claim to fame now is for coming up around the same time as Crystal Castles (R.I.P.) — “Crimewave” is actually a remix of a HEALTH song, a fact that will probably get lost to time. They put out two good-to-great albums — a self-titled in 2007 and Get Color in 2009, plus remix albums of them both — and did the soundtrack for the 2012 video game Max Payne 3. Most recently, they did a song for the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack. Suffice to say, it’s been a long time coming for a new HEALTH album, but it looks like it may finally be on its way. The band has announced that they’ll be appearing on Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show on Friday, and a promo presents them as “the band that changed everything” along with a few seconds of what sounds like new music. They also tweeted the following out to start the new year: “2015 :: For real this time,” so all signs point to yes. We’ll see for sure this Friday. Check out the promo below.