Watch Nardwuar Confront White Lung With Their Pasts

White Lung is an objectively “cool” band — they look and sound intimidating as hell, and they’re always calm and collected during interviews. So, for that reason, it’s really funny to watch Nardwuar taunt them by bringing up embarrassing moments from their pasts. He awards each member with some pretty enviable gifts for suffering his brand of aggressively enthusiastic humiliation. Drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou receives a book of GG Allin’s prison letters, and a few enviable records are doled out. Nardwuar reads a fairly morose statement that guitarist Kenny Williams made in an old interview aloud to him, which might as well be a LiveJournal post since it could easily mirror the thoughts of a 13 year-old with a choppy haircut and chipped black nail polish. Hether Fortune, who used to play bass in the band, is also featured. Watch below.