Beanie Sigel Has Lung Removed After Drive-By Shooting

Losing a lung doesn’t sound like the most exciting turn of events, especially when you’re a rapper. That’s what just happened to Philly rap legend and former Jay Z contemporary Beanie Sigel. A month ago Sigel was shot while walking his kids to school in Pleasantville, New Jersey, the victim of a drive-by shooting police believe was intended for somebody else. TMZ reports that the procedure was “not elective surgery,” the doctors just couldn’t salvage Sigel’s lung after all the bullet wounds. He had been in the hospital since the 12/5 shooting but has now been released and will spend the next 90 days recovering at Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona, New Jersey. The shooter remains at large.

Here’s hoping Sigel can rap again, but more importantly, here’s hoping he gets back to normal living and his kids recover from the psychological trauma of watching their dad get shot.

[Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage.]

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