Antwon – “Kyocera” (Prod. Cities Aviv)

If you aren’t listening to Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham’s Turned Out A Punk podcast, you probably should be. It’s a series of conversations with fascinating creative types about their experiences growing up with punk and hardcore, and these people have some stories. In the most recent episode, Abraham talks with Antwon, the L.A.-based rapper who grew up as a hardcore kid. He talks about going to see Sick Of It All in middle school and seeing strange things happen at Gilman Street. Besides being a fun conversation, it offers some insight into the lurching strangeness of his rap music. “Kyocera,” Antwon’s new song, has a falling-apart beat from the similarly punk-reared Memphis rapper and producer Cities Aviv, and it has some literally phoned-in backing vocals from Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook. Listen to it below.

(via Complex)

Antwon doesn’t have a new album or mixtape out, so I’ll just use this space to tell you to listen to Turned Out A Punk again. The episode with Steve McDonald from Redd Kross and OFF! is so essential.