Yet Another Lewis Album Discovered

Yet another album from the not-so-mysterious-anymore Lewis has emerged. This one’s called Hawaiian Breeze and was recorded at the Fiasco Bros. Recording Studio, the same place where Love Ain’t No Mystery was also recorded. The new album has seven tracks and, as Exclaim points out, features a number of backing musicians who played trumpet, ukulele, and drums. Listen to two tracks from the album — “Falling Down” and “Just Sittin’ By The River Bank” — below.

01 “Falling Down”
02 “I Was Not Shy”
03 “Just Sittin’ By The River Bank”
04 “My Love Has Gone Away”
05 “World, You Hurt Me Deeply”
06 “Have You Ever Known Sorrow”
07 “Sweet Heart”

Hawaiian Breeze is available to purchase via Fiasco Bros..

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