Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Ballad Of The Mighty I” (Feat. Johnny Marr) Video

“Ballad Of The Mighty I” is a surprisingly dancey Johnny Marr collaboration from Noel Gallagher’s upcoming album Chasing Yesterday, one that matches a hi-hat-heavy drum track and infectiously snaky guitar parts with a soaring symphonic background. It’s an unprecedented sound for Gallagher, and its video is just as unexpected. Gallagher has been outspoken about how much he hates making music videos, and this one plays on that reputation, tracing his interactions with a pompous director who hilariously addresses him as “Liam” and seems way more into the filmmaking process than Gallagher himself. All in all it’s the most fascinating thing Gallagher’s done since the dissolution of Oasis, so press play below.

It should be noted that the sheer existence of the song marks a historic convergence of British guitar-pop spiritual kinsmen Gallagher and Marr, who teamed up on stage last fall. Gallagher told NME that Marr showed up to the recording session without even hearing a demo first:

He just arrived with two guitars and a bag of effects pedals. And I have to say, he’s unbelievable. He’s way up there, on another level to the rest of us. The result is a burst of energy that helped make “…Mighty I” one of the best songs I’ve ever written.

Chasing Yesterday is out 3/3 on Gallagher’s own Sour Mash Records. Pre-order it here.