John Carpenter – “Night”

John Carpenter is one of the greatest genre filmmakers who has ever lived. And as someone who’s written many of his own scores, he’s also a deeply influential musical figure. His tense, blaring, synthetic scores for movies like Halloween and Escape From New York changed the way horror and sci-fi movies sound, and those sounds have in turn made their impact on a few generations of musicians. At age 66, Carpenter has pretty much retired from making movies, and now he’s about to release Lost Themes, his first-ever album of original music. We’ve shared the early track “Vortex.” Now you can check out another one, “Night.” Like “Vortex” — and like everything else on Lost Themes — it’s an ominous, creeping instrumental that would fit beautifully on a film score. Listen to it below.

Lost Themes is out 2/3/15 on Sacred Bones. Also, the Brooklyn Academy Of Music will show a retrospective of Carpenter’s movies 2/5-22, and Carpenter will be there 2/5 for a live interview. If you’re in New York and you don’t at least show up for The Thing, I don’t know what to say to you.