Shura – “Indecision” Video

Shura’s been coasting on the strength of “Indecision” for a few months now, and with good reason: The spry, 80s-influenced track is probably the strongest thing she’s released so far, and it serves as a great example of why we named her an Artist To Watch. She’s just shared a video for the track, an understated and tasteful look at going out for the night. “This was the first treatment that really gently alluded to (the song’s themes) but was in and of itself a moving story about a journey and change,” Shura told Dazed. “Obviously you can ask all sorts of questions about the video โ€“ is he gay? Does he just like dressing up? – but it’s open to interpretation. It’s done in a really subtle way I think.” Shura’s involvement in the video is kept to a cameo appearance, and everyone that appears in the party scene are her real-life friends and also were in the video for “Touch.” Check it out below.