Weyes Blood – “Bad Magic” Video

Weyes Blood’s video for The Innocents track “Bad Magic” was shot almost entirely with a drone, and it’s absolutely stunning. See, drones aren’t all bad! (#NotAllDrones?) Hooking a camera up to one of them allowed director Joey Frank to capture some breath-taking, epic shots that almost look like someone filmed it from inside of a cloud. It’s a fitting tribute to the music, which is just as sweeping and beautiful as the video. Singer Natalie Mering traveled to the Far Rockaways and the Hamptons to capture the footage, and you can see her skipping rocks into the ocean and walking along the beach. “The song is so slow, and the drone footage is very hypnotic and slow. The rhythm of the ocean looks like how the song sounds,” Mering told FADER. Watch below.

(via FADER)

The Innocents is out now via Mexican Summer.