Krill – “Foot”

For the most part, Krill’s upcoming new album is one that revels in longevity, favoring mounting and epic five-minute-plus tracks that are as long as they are unhinged — take the fantastic lead single “Torturer,” for example. Only “Foot” and one other track operate in the same heightened and compressed emotional headspace of their first two records. They pull off the transition to longer songs with grace and fury — you’ll hear the whole thing in about a month — but “Foot” is a great way to ease into the new era of the band. With a hard-hitting chorus punctuated by Jonah Furman’s trademark wail, it’s classic Krill, but also signifies a step forward for them both stylistically and lyrically. Of course, it’s kind of about a foot — “And all I wanted was to hold your foot, but I couldn’t imagine how I ever could — it’s, as always, about so much more: feeling restless, hating that you can never settle down, constantly going forward but not really going anywhere at all. “There’s nothing to do but move once I get to a new place.” Listen below.

A Distant Fist Unclenching is out 2/17 via Double Double Whammy/Exploding In Sound. You can preorder it now.

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