Future – “Just Like Bruddas” & Ciara – “I Bet”

A year ago, Future and Ciara were the two halves of one of rap and R&B’s greatest power couples. But now, their ugly public breakup has reached the point where they’re both writing songs about it. Future’s Zaytoven-produced “Just Like Bruddas” is a tinkly piano ballad with lyrics about friendship and success. Or I think that’s what they’re about; he gurgles them through so much Auto-Tune that it’s tough to be sure. There is, however, at least one aside about his breakup. Meanwhile, Ciara has just released a scathing new breakup song called “I Bet” that’s definitely, absolutely about the breakup and about how Future’s going to miss her as soon as she’s with someone else. I’m calling it: Ciara wins this round. Listen to both songs below.

Future’s got a new mixtape coming out sometime in the next few days, supposedly.

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