Brenmar – “Hula Hoop” (Feat. UNiiQU3)

Chicago-bred, Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Brenmar is releasing his Award EP next week, and today he shared a monstrous track from the project. “Hula Hoop,” a collaboration with Jersey Club star UNiiQU3, fleeces that genre’s hyperactive percussion and wildly shifting tempos with triumphal brass. The results are astounding. Brenmar talked to The Fader about the song’s genesis:

With “Hula Hoop,” I was thinking about EDM festivals where you’d see people—girls, primarily, but not exclusively—hula hooping, all the time. It just occurred to me, why hasn’t anyone made a song in reference to that? I stumbled upon a video of this girl hula hooping—Remy LaCroix, she’s a pornstar but she’s also amazing-talented at Cirque du Soleil-type shit—and watching her dance with the hula hoop kinda brought it all home. I jotted down some simple lyrics and talked about the idea with my team, and we were just like, “Why don’t we have UNiiQU3 be part of the song?” She’s fam.

Hear “Hula Hoop” below along with previous single “Award” featuring Dougie F.

Award is out 1/20 on Fool’s Gold. Pre-order it here.

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