Adele’s New LP Won’t Be Out Until The End Of 2015 Or Later

Looks like Adele’s third studio album may not arrive until the end of the year. Her 21 followup was originally speculated to drop in the back half of last year, but a financial report from her label showed that there was nothing planned. So people began speculating that it would come out in January, following the trend of her previous two albums. No dice. Now, Music Business Worldwide reports that sources close to Adele are indicating that it could not be out until the end of 2015. “The album will be released when it’s ready – [we] hope that will be at some stage in 2015. That’s all I can tell you right now,” one of the sources said. Another source said that there “is now almost no chance” of the album being ready before the back half of the year. Whatever the case, 21 is still selling really well even four years after its release, so there’s no rush.

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