Ryan Hemsworth – “Too Long Here” (Feat. Alex G) Video

Late last year, the Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth released a collab-heavy mini album called Alone For The First Time that didn’t really get enough attention. The record was full of oblique, impressionist, gorgeous pop songs like “Too Long Here,” on which Hemsworth teamed up with the shambling lo-fi singer-songwriter Alex G. That song now has a pretty great video, so maybe people will take notice now. It starts out as a story about a young woman wandering around a city by herself, taking selfies. Like Hemsworth’s lovely video for “Snow In Newark,” it feels, at first, like a celebration of solitude in crowded spaces. But the video quickly takes a turn toward occult creepiness. Alex Girav, who confusingly is not the same person as Alex G, directs. Check it out below.

Alone For The First Time is out now on Last Gang/Secret Songs.