LL Cool J Will Host The Grammys For The Fourth And Hopefully Final Time

“LL Cool J did a great job hosting the Grammys” is a thing that nobody in human history, with the possible exception of LL Cool J, has ever said. LL Cool J is a darkest-timeline awards-show host. He represents everything terrible about the enterprise: Flashy self-congratulation, tone-deaf smugness, loud shilling, the utter and complete inability to competently deliver a joke, the distinct possibility that a garbage-ass Z-Trip collaboration could happen at any second. And yet he keeps getting the job. According to The Hollywood Reporter, LL will host this year’s Grammys for the fourth time in a row. I can sort of understand the rationale: He is, after all, a legit rap legend and also the star of a show on host network CBS, which means his mere presence works as synergistic programming. But has anyone involved in that decision actually watched this guy? Can we at least get him to stop yelling “hastag” this year?

The Grammys will air 2/8, and I’m defeated enough to acknowledge that we’ll probably all still watch the fucking thing again.