Deadheads Petition Chicago To Let Them Camp Out For Farewell Shows

The Grateful Dead are reuniting for three farewell shows with Phish frontman Trey Anastasio in Chicago to apparently close out their career, and Deadheads are petitioning to allow the venue to let them camp out for the shows. A petition was started by fan Jeremy Davis to allow overnight parking in the lots around Soldier Field, according to The Washington Times. Deadheads have long been camping out before shows, and if this is indeed one of the last times that they’ll be touring, it makes sense that they’d want to carry on their tradition. “It’s been something that we’ve been doing for so long. This is almost a no brainer,” Davis said. Officials say that there a lot of factors they need to take into account, including pulling resources from the police and fire departments. The decision is still up in the air. “This is the last chance for the family to be together,” Davis added.