Chris Weisman – “Don’t Be Slow” (Stereogum Premiere)

The town of Brattleboro, Vermont doesn’t necessarily breed hitmakers, but it has provided the underground with a variable slew of influential singer-songwriters and avant-punk bands in recent years. Blanche Blanche Blanche, Great Valley, and the folks at OSR Tapes are just a few that come to mind. Adding to the list is singer-songwriter Chris Weisman, who has been quietly releasing his particular marque of equally quiet music out of the Brattleboro hills in the years since he recorded alongside King Tuff’s Kyle Thomas in their band Happy Birthday.

Weisman has always been painted as a kind of recluse, but he stepped into the periphery of what could be considered “the limelight” when his song “I Took It Off A Record” was included on a split alongside Speedy Ortiz’s “Doomsday” last year. “Working On My Skateboarding,” the excellent single off of Weisman’s OSR release Monet In The 90s, came out soon after. His latest record, The Holy Life That’s Coming, is out next month, and “Don’t Be Slow” is the album’s first single. Humbly rendered using only a four-track and acoustic guitar, “Don’t Be Slow” serves to further label Weisman as someone to look out for this year. Listen below.

The Holy Life That’s Coming is out 2/26 via NNA Tapes.