Dead Heavens – “History In My Hands” (Stereogum Premiere)

Walter Schreifels is a very rare beast: A New York hardcore legend who was around for the music’s legendarily thugged-out CBGB-matinee early days but who’s stayed musically relevant since then. Schreifels was a crucial part of the legendary Gorilla Biscuits, and since then, he’s led bands like Quicksand and Rival Schools, only bolstering his legend. Schreifels has one new band called Vanishing Life, and we posted their single “People Running” last year. But he’s also leading another new group called Dead Heavens, which also features former members of Youth Of Today, White Zombie, and Cults. Given the personnel involved, Dead Heavens’ debut single “History In My Hands” is not the song you’d expect. It’s a strummy, hooky, instantly likable classic-rock jam, a song that wears its early-’70s Stones influence on its sleeve and also has some early-’90s Lemonheads in its DNA. Check it out below.

The “History In My Hands” b/w “36 Chambers” 7″ is out 2/17 on Thrill Me. You’ll be able to pre-order it here.