Diet Cig – “Harvard”

At the beginning of the year, we premiered Diet Cig’s debut single “Scene Sick” and named the New Paltz duo our first Band To Watch of 2015. Every Diet Cig song sounds like a vengeful diary entry in the best way possible, and “Harvard,” the final track on their forthcoming Over Easy EP, is probably the finest example of the band’s incapacitating honesty. As a writer, it can be dangerous to render any definitive storyline out of a song, but there’s absolutely no way that the the through line of “Harvard” can be interpreted as anything but confidently bitter. In the opening verse, Alex Luciano asks an ex-boyfriend (who she briefly mentions in our Band To Watch Q&A) about his new “Ivy League” girlfriend, “Is she boring too in the way I couldn’t stand?” Her questions unfurl throughout the course of the song like she’s leaving the guy in question a late night, pissed-off voicemail. About a minute in, Luciano’s words are acidic and unapologetic: “Does it feel better to be in an Ivy League sweater?/ Put your work shoes on, and talk about her at your shitty job/ Does it feel better?/ In that cold Boston weather?/ FUCK your Ivy League sweater/ You know I was better.” Her lyrics have the kind of blistering, irascible humor that make you feel really sorry for whoever she’s writing songs about. Listen below.

(via Impose)

Over Easy is out 2/24 via Father/Daughter Records.

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