Alex G – “Sarah”

Before Alex G was the subject of a Rolling Stone profile, he was a sensation that stuck mostly to the underground, one whose numerous Bandcamp releases were traded around like deeply held secrets. One of his strongest pre-DSU efforts is Trick, which is getting a remaster and rerelease via Lucky Number later this year. “Sarah” is an unreleased track that he wrote around the time as Trick’s original 2012 release, and it’s only popped up in a few fan videos and around Tumblr in the time since, as FADER points out. It’s one of his strongest tracks, and sounds intricately layered and deceptively simplistic at the same time. “Every day, I’ll make promises that plague Sarah’s heart so I can watch her fall apart,” he sings with his trademark brutal honesty. Listen below.

(via FADER)

Trick is out on vinyl, CD, and digitally 4/6 via Lucky Number. They are also rereleasing Rules.

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