Torres – “Strange Hellos”

In some of the best news that 2015 has brought us so far, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Torres has signed with Partisan Records and will release a new album this spring. Sprinter finds Mackenzie Scott pushing against the starkness of her 2013 self-titled debut into noisier, vicious rock without losing any of her razor-sharp songwriting. Her first new track “Strange Hellos,” which you can hear below, seethes with hatred, attempted forgiveness, and bitterly-admitted love. Be aggressive girl, it sounds good on you.

Sprinter tracklist:
01 “Strange Hellos”
02 “New Skin”
03 “Son, You Are No Island”
04 “A Proper Polish Welcome”
05 “Sprinter”
06 “Cowboy Guilt”
07 “Ferris Wheel”
08 “The Harshest Light”
09 “The Exchange”

Sprinter is out 5/5 on Partisan.

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