Stream Walleater I

Today, the North Carolina-based independent label Tiny Engines announced that they will be adding a new band to their small but impressive roster. Walleater hail from Leeds, England and will be the label’s first foreign signing. The band’s forthcoming debut LP will be a combination of the four songs from I (which is available now on Bandcamp) and their as-yet-unheard second EP.

The tracks on I adhere to the same kind of emotive aesthetic found on a fair number of Tiny Engines releases, but this is the first record that the label will put out that sounds definitively heavy. A fair portion of Walleater’s production owes itself to nineties alternative rock (Hum and Swervedriver come to mind), but a similar sound can be found echoed on the recent releases of some of their contemporaries, like Oakland’s Whirr and Indiana’s Cloakroom. In just four songs, Walleater re-imagine the kind of equally leaden and lush ambiance that deserves some sort of revival. It’s going to be a moody year, and I’m ready for it. Stream the first part of Walleater’s forthcoming full-length below.

I/II will be out this summer via Tiny Engines.

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