Tenement – “Spaghetti Midwestern”

The prolific Appleton, Wisconsin hardcore-affiliated outfit Tenement is the kind of band that’s cool to name-check and might come up with relative frequency at college radio stations, but isn’t all that well-known outside of certain circles. That’s OK, because thankfully in this day and age you really don’t need to be that widely heard for a label to want to put out a rarities LP of your work. Dorks will buy it, myself included. In March, Grave Mistake and Toxic Pop Records will release Bruised Music Volume One, a compilation of Tenement’s out-of-print songs from 2006 through 2009. “Spaghetti Midwestern” is a riotous portrait of suburban disillusionment, the American Dream gone awry. You can listen to it below and check out an interview the band did with Impose here.

(via Impose)

Bruised Music Volume One is out 3/10 via Grave Mistake/Toxic Pop Records.

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