Cabane – “Sangokaku” Video

Cabane is the French word for cabin, but it’s also the moniker used by Belgian composer and songwriter Thomas Jean Henri, formerly of Soy Un Caballo. As the album artwork suggests, his music doesn’t have a thick-of-the-woods feel, but is more reminiscent of the light, transient nature of the beach. On his first release “Sangokaku,” Henri is joined by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Kate Stables (of This Is The Kit) and Caroline Gabard on vocals. The track swoops between swathes of vocal harmonies, simple acoustic finger-picking, and string arrangements by Stereolab’s Sean O’Hagan. For the video, Henri and director Jerome Guiot recorded the reactions of his loved ones listening to the song for the first time. Their faces describe the song in a much more poignant way than I ever could, so watch it below.

(via The Line Of Best Fit)

“Songokaku” is out now as a a 7″ in the UK via Need No Water.