Big Sean – “Blessings” (Feat. Drake & Kanye West)

We’re all going to have to start taking Big Sean a whole lot more seriously. A few hours after he stole Meek Mill’s “B Boy” away from Meek and A$AP Ferg, Kanye’s Detroit progeny has thrown an absolute monster of a new song onto Soundcloud in the middle of the night. That song is called “Blessings,” and it features Drake and Kanye West rapping on the same track for the first time in what feels like forever. Even better: Everyone absolutely goes in over a Vinylz beat that sounds like an 808 eating itself. And Sean, incredibly enough, might overshadow everything else. Sean’s new album Dark Sky Paradise is out next month, and I’m suddenly very excited for it. At the very least, he seems determined not to let anyone else overshadow him the way Kendrick Lamar did on “Control.” Listen below.

Dark Sky Paradise is out 2/24.