The Very Best – “Let Go” (Feat. Baio)

Last year, the Very Best, the duo of singer Esau Mwamwaya and producer Johan Hugo, teased a new album by sharing the video for a new track called “Hear Me.” Today, the group announced that the new album is called Makes A King and that it’ll be out in August. The Senegalese star Baaba Maal will guest, as will Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio, who helped out on “Hear Me.” Baio also plays bass on the new single “Let Go,” a big pop song with a remarkable sense of grace working for it. Mwamwaya remains one of the most easily likable singers working, and it’s hard to maintain a bad mood, even on a Monda in February, when a song like this is playing. Listen below.

01 “Nkhondo”
02 “Hear Me”
03 “Let Go”
04 “Guju Guju”
05 “Bilmankwe” (Feat. Jerere)
06 “Sweka”
07 “Mwana Wanga”
08 “Mariana” (Feat. Seye)
09 “The Dead And The Dreaming” (Feat. Seye)
10 “Kanyale”
11 “Umasiye” (Feat). Baaba Maal)
12 “Uhumu”
13 “Makes A King” (Feat. Jutty Taylor)

Makes A King is out 4/14 on PIAS.