Pile – “Mr. Fish”

Anyone who’s ever heard of Pile knows that they’re a very important band — highly respected, revered even, by the cripplingly intellectual players of the Boston music scene and their fast-growing fanbase. Pile isn’t the grandaddy of the scene; they’re more like the drunk uncle who spits out some snark at Thanksgiving dinner and derails any attempt at pleasant conversation. At least, that’s how I feel anytime a new Pile track drops — my newsfeed becomes an endless scroll of purely enthusiastic commentary because they’re the kind of band that reminds people why they really love music. There’s something almost algorithmic to every Pile song, initially muted and semi-melancholic before it balloons into the kind of cacophony that renders any attempt at lyrical discernment impossible and totally irrelevant, emoting energy rather than contemplation. “Mr. Fish” is the latest single off of Pile’s forthcoming full-length, You’re Better Than This, and it follows up the equally unhinged “#2 Hit Single,” which we premiered last month. It’s gut-rattling. Resign yourself to it and listen below.

(via NPR)

You’re Better Than This is out 3/3 via Exploding In Sound.

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