John Carpenter – “Fallen (Blanck Mass Remix)”

Tomorrow, the great horror/sci-fi/action movie director John Carpenter will release Lost Themes, his first-ever non-film-music album. This isn’t a moonlighting-celebrity situation; Carpenter, who’s basically retired from directing, did the music for most of his movies, and his creeping, atmospheric synthscapes had a huge effect on what electronic musicians are making decades later. Case in point: The deluxe digital edition of Lost Themes will feature remixes from, among others, Zola Jesus, JG Thirwell, and Blanck Mass, the solo side project of Fuck Buttons member Benjamin John Power. Power released the self-titled Blanck Mass debut album in 2011, and he’s just signed a deal with Sacred Bones, which makes him Carpenter’s labelmate. Below, listen to his pounding, nervous remix of Carpenter’s “Fallen.”

Lost Themes is out tomorrow on Sacred Bones. Stream it here.

[Photo by Alex De Mora]