Mulligrub – “Sprite Zero Slushie” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Sprite Zero Slushie” is only the third song that Winnipeg-based Mulligrub have put out as a three-piece, but it’s powerful as all hell and demonstrates a mastery of form that far exceeds their greenness as a band. There’s no chorus here, just a series of expertly building, tightly-wound verses; three emotive anecdotes, vividly painted and chill-inducing. Kelly Grub’s vocals roar with a biting restlessness: “Aspartame and anxiety medication/ Shaky summer hungover repetitive motion,” they start off. “All night party last to leave, 6:30AM and I still can’t sleep/ Drunk bike ride to clear my mind, the sun comes up and I pass out just fine.” Fatigued and droopy, the track still clips along with an impassioned energy: “I wish I could get it all right, it’s too much/ You’re a light bug and I can’t keep up.” The song will appear on To Show That You’re Still Here, a benefit compilation whose proceeds will go to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. Listen below.

To Show That You’re Still Here will be out on 2/24. You can pre-order the benefit compilation here.

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