Slutever – “Open Wide”

There should come a time in every young adult’s life when an older, respected individual sits them down to explain that becoming a grownup is not actually fun at all. It should be called the “Responsibility Talk” — it’s as important as the “Sex Talk,” and if you’re a girl, “The Period Talk.” Not everyone gets this lecture, but I sure as hell did. My mom called it the “You’re Not The Center Of The Universe” talk, and I thank her every other day for it when I’m irritated in a crowded subway station or dealing with any of life’s many inconveniences. Slutever’s latest song “Open Wide” is a gorgeous and succinct reiteration of the age-old refrain, “Life isn’t always fair.” It’s about things sucking. Hard. “Now that you’re older/ Things aren’t much better/ It starts to look bad when you can’t pay your rent,” Rachel Gagliardi and Nicole Snyder sing on the song’s chorus. It’s a classic coming-of-age chronicle without any nostalgic sugar-coating. The song will be released later this month on Slutever’s EP Almost Famous, and we already heard the first shit-kicking single “Smother” a few weeks ago. The band oozes the kind of self-aware honesty that stains. Listen to “Open Wide” below.

(via Nylon)

Almost Famous will be self released on 2/17. You can pre-order it here.

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