Watch Hannah Diamond Explain Who She Is

Hannah Diamond is the mastermind and voice behind some of PC Music’s best songs like “Pink And Blue” and “Attachment,” and she’s just shared a video talking about her artistic process, her working relationship with PC Music head honcho A.G. Cook, her photography, and more. “I lead the creative direction on my music and my images. I sort of feel like they’ve become a hyper-real representation of my personality and my inspiration and my interests.” She cites TLC’s iconic “Waterfalls” video as a major influence on her work. She also hints at a new SOPHIE project that she worked on the artwork for, which she says should be coming soon. It’s a rare look inside the amorphous music collective, and it’s pretty interesting to watch. Check it out below.

She’s currently working on a debut full-length, which should hopefully be out this year.