Watch Weezer Join ZZ Top As Wee-Z Top On Jimmy Kimmel

How nervous would you have to be to stand in between Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill onstage? I imagine you’d be pretty fucking nervous! But last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo took on that challenge like a G. Weezer and ZZ Top performed together last night to begin the show’s “Mash Up Mondays” series, the idea being that they’ll have live-onstage mash-ups every Monday night. But live mash-ups are a tough thing to pull off. I once spent a whole day at a festival that, in theory, was all about live mash-ups. In practice, it turned out to be about watching Wyclef kick a half-hearted freestyle while 311 played. (Yes, I’m serious.) As fun as it was to see these two wildly disparate bands on the same Kimmel stage, it wasn’t even close to being a mash-up. It was just Weezer backing ZZ Top up on “Sharp Dressed Man.” But still, “Sharp Dressed Man”! Watch it at or listen to the audio below.

Let’s all take a moment for how eternally badass ZZ Top are, and for the simple hilarity in seeing Weezer play “Sharp Dressed Man” while dressing like Weezer.