Pictureplane – “Hyper Real”

It’s coming up on three years since chaos-dance producer Pictureplane released his Thee Physical album, and he doesn’t seem to be in any particular hurry to follow it up. But Pictureplane does have a new single: “Hyper Real,” which uses his nerve-damaged futurism in service of a twinkling, sighing pop song. Weirdly, it might be the most emotional thing Travis Egedy has ever done on record, though it probably won’t leave you tearing up on your lunch break or anything. Below, listen to the song and read some words from Egedy.

Egedy writes:

The song “Hyper Real” is dealing with the conceptual idea that runs through a lot of my work which is, “What is really real?” How do you know? Who creates your reality? Who is in control of your reality? Especially as we move in to a future where any experience can be simulated, manufactured and designed. Essentially tailor-made lifestyles and identities, people buying and living lives that are created for them externally, and are not their own, and that there is no way to distinguish between your true self and a “self” that has been created for you.

(via FADER)

“Hyper Real” is out 2/10 on IHEARTCOMIX’s new IHC Infinity imprint.

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