Cold Mailman – “Moments” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

I’m a sucker for road-trip media. Against my better judgment, I read Kerouac’s On The Road twice and then subsequently fell into an endless pit of trailblazing American literature. I’ve only been on a real road trip once, so I’ll watch any movie about people driving places in order to “find themselves” and thus I appreciate any video that attempts to illustrate the absolute sense of total freedom that comes with a full tank of gas and an endless freeway. This is one of those videos. Cold Mailman hail from Oslo, and their latest single, “Moments,” was released a few days ago and will appear on their forthcoming album, which is due out sometime this year. The video is a gorgeous interpretation of the road-trip narrative, replete with kaleidoscopic abstractions of both organic and urban landscapes. The band premiered the equally impressive video for “My Recurring Dream” with us back in 2013. You can check out more of Cold Mailman’s videos here and watch “Moments” below.

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