Chilly Gonzales Explains What Nicki Minaj Has In Common With Billy Joel And Lionel Richie

Chilly Gonzales seems like a really chill dude, in that he’s a self-proclaimed musical genius, but instead of lording it over us, he shares his knowledge. In the latest installment of his “Pop Music Masterclass,” Chilly breaks down what Nicki Minaj’s brutal ex-side-eying Pinkprint track “Bed Of Lies” has in common with Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” Since both of these songs are near-perfect in my estimation, I was eager to know what they shared, and it turns out to be something as simple as the concept of symmetry. Lionel Richie’s “Say You Say Me” contains the same mirroring, and according to Chilly, it all stems back to Pachebel’s canon. As soon as he makes that connection, you can’t unhear it! Maybe that genius claim isn’t totally unfounded. Watch the clip below courtesy of German radio station 1Live.