Hear Beyoncé’s Fifty Shades Of Grey Remixes

The Fifty Shades Of Grey madness has descended upon us, and has even swept up Beyoncé in its ever-growing wave. Savvy businesswoman that she is, Beyoncé didn’t pass up the chance to be on what will surely will be one of the highest-selling soundtracks of 2015, and now her contributions have finally leaked. First, there’s the remix of “Crazy In Love” that Beyoncé teased on Instagram last summer. Snippets of the remix — that’s done by Boots — have already appeared in several trailers, but we’ve never heard it in full until now.

The real stunner here though is the remix of “Haunted” by Michael Diamond. This was already one of the standouts from Beyoncé’s 2013 eponymous surprise album, and since the lyrics pointedly address S&M behavior — “Slap me/ I’m pinned to the doorway/ Kiss, bite, foreplay” — it seems like the ideal song for the kinky-sex-focused film. Stream both songs below.