Kathryn Calder – “Take A Little Time” (Stereogum Premiere)

Kathryn Calder is best known for her work with the New Pornographers, and before joining with the Pornos she fronted Immaculate Machine. But she also has two solo albums under her belt, and a third is on the way. Calder said the focus of this self-titled effort kept returning to love: “I wrote love songs, but love in a broad way. To feel loss is to feel love. To be vulnerable is to let yourself be loved.” She wrote and recorded her first solo album Are You My Mother? in 2010 while caring for her mother, who had ALS; in the midst of making this new album, Calder is also working on a documentary about the experience of caring for her mother. Back to the new album, though: Lead single “Take A Little Time” probes at forgiveness, putting Calder’s signature light-as-air voice over upbeat, careening guitars held in check with delicate synth pop. It’s an expansive, dreamy track that’s charged with emotion, moving through the weight of loss and building to an effusive climax that seems to simulates the eventual freedom of letting go. Listen below and check out the full tracklist.

Kathryn Calder tracklist:
01 “Slow Burning”
02 “Take A Little Time”
03 “Worth Remembering”
04 “Blue Skies”
05 “When You See My Blood”
06 “Only Armour”
07 “Song in Cm”
08 “By Pride Or By Design”
09 “Arm in Arm”
10 “Beach”

Kathryn Calder is out 4/14 on File Under Music.