Joanna Gruesome – “Last Year” + Peanut Butter Details

Back in 2013, Joanna Gruesome showed up at CMJ here in New York and blew everyone’s brain to fucking oblivion. Weird Sister was one of my favorite records that year — a self-conscious, emotionally hefty work of youthful, but never naive, genius. The Welsh band released a split with their friends Perfect Pussy the following year, and another split with Trust Fund, but we’ve still been waiting for album news. Not anymore! Today Joanna Gruesome announced that their sophomore LP, Peanut Butter, will drop this summer. On lead single “Last Year,” dizzying post-punk yelps recoil into the band’s trademarked hazy optimism — it’s all at once belligerent and melodic, a gut-splintering mood swing. Listen below.

Peanut Butter tracklist:
01 “Last Year”
02 “Jamie (Luvver)”
03 “Honestly Do Yr Worst”
04 “There Is No Function Stacy”
05 “Crayon”
06 “I Don’t Wanna Relax”
07 “Jerome (Liar)”
08 “Separate Bedrooms”
09 “Psykick Espionage”
10 “Hey! I Wanna Be Yr Best Friend”

Peanut Butter is out 6/2 via Slumberland.