Preview Courtney Love’s Empire Debut And Stream Her “Take Me To The River” Cover

Fox’s series Empire is only a few episodes into its first season, but it’s proven to be a saga worth keeping an eye on. The show’s been doing exceedingly well as far as ratings go, and Timbaland has been producing all of the “hits” (although the quality of those songs leaves something to be desired). Here’s another reason to pay attention: In the upcoming episode, Courtney Love will play Elle Dallas, an aging star who unleashed some of the label’s greatest hits back in her heyday and is in desperate need for a fresh career move. In the trailer, Dallas declares that she needs “a real producer, a Hit-Boy, a Timbaland,” and if Entertainment Weekly’s interview with Love is any indication, it sounds like Dallas’ career will be resurrected. Live Through This soundtracked my teenage years, so I can easily relate to Cookie’s analysis of Love’s character when she says, “Elle’s music gave me a reason to stay alive when everything else was just telling me to give up and die.” Cue Hole’s “Miss World,” and I’m sold. You can watch a scene from Love’s first Empire episode and read an interview with her over at EW. But first, listen to Love’s character’s rendition of Al Green’s “Take Me To The River” below.

Empire airs Wednesdays at 9PM EST on FOX.