Jessie Ware – “Champagne Kisses” Video

“Champagne Kisses” might be the most elegantly shattering song on Jessie Ware’s lovely 2014 sophomore album Tough Love, and now it’s got a truly strange vision of a music video. The clip is built around the same kind of surreal cartoon logic and severe ’80s graphic design that propelled so many early MTV videos, and it’s nearly as demented as, say, Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More” video. We see Ware with her bottom half made out of balsa wood, Ware’s neck sticking up through a hole in the floor, Ware and a dude turning into apparitions that bend around each other. Throughout, though, Ware is such a striking and glamorous presence that she centers the whole thing. Check it out below.

Tough Love is out now on PMR/Island/Interscope.

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