O.T. Genasis – “CoCo (Remix)” (Feat. Meek Mill & Jeezy)

The Long Beach, California rapper O.T. Genasis’ churning, brash-as-fuck drug-rap anthem “CoCo” is one of the defining rap bangers of the last few months, despite the fact that it has barely any rapping on it. Instead, it has yelling, the sort of delivery a monster track like this requires. And on the new remix, Genasis shares space with two rappers who got to where they are by leaving lasting impacts on tracks. Meek Mill and Jeezy are both perfectly at home rapping about selling cocaine over monstrous beats, so it’s no surprise that both of them come off well here. What is slightly more surprising is that Genasis actually raps on this thing, that he hangs with his guests just fine. Listen to the remix and watch the video for the original below.

I guess O.T. Genasis will have an album out sometime this year? He’ll probably have to make another hit first, though.