Grizzly Bear Annotated Their Songs On Genius, Too

At the beginning of this week, Kendrick Lamar dropped his astounding new track “The Blacker The Berry,” and we wrote about how author Michael Chabon took it upon himself to annotate the rapper’s prose on Genius (fka Rap Genius). The site is attempting bring a more esteemed level of criticism into the fold, and it seems to be working. Sasha Frere-Jones left the New Yorker to work for Genius, and Rick Rubin recently logged on to annotate Kanye, Beastie Boys, and Johnny Cash lyrics. Now Grizzly Bear have started to sift through some of their old songs to provide a more accurate analysis than the skewed interpretation given by some of their fans. Ed Droste and Daniel Rossen contributed extensively. Check out Rossen’s Genius profile here, and Droste’s here. You can read some of their best responses below. Unsurprisingly, Droste’s are far funnier.

Droste on “All We Ask”

In this old house, I’m not alone
In a bedroom, a telephone
You made the call and I just stood by
I stripped the sheets and emptied out the sty

? “All We Ask” by Grizzly Bear

Droste on “Fix It”

Come again all over me
? “Fix It” by Grizzly Bear

Droste on “Two Weeks”

A routine malaise
? “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear

Rossen on “A Simple Answer”

Some tired mantra
Calls ever onward
Shout it loud
Just make it up somehow
Well alright

? “A Simple Answer” by Grizzly Bear

Rossen on “On A Neck, On A Spit”

You can’t come home again
Each time it’s different

? “On A Neck, On A Spit” by Grizzly Bear

[Photo by Droste via Twitter]