Taylor Swift – “Style” Video

Taylor Swift has done a lot of things in music videos, but “smoldering” isn’t one of them, at least until now. This morning, Taylor unveiled the new video for her single “Style.” “Style” is one of the best songs on the world-conquering album 1989, and it’s the strongest argument that Taylor has been listening to the Drive soundtrack lately. After making bright, cartoonish romps for her “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” videos, she’s tried to go a different way here: An evocative and romantic video that could’ve played on VH1 next to “Wicked Game” back in the day. In the video, Taylor and a strikingly handsome dude stare at each other, and at their own reflections, and at each other when they appear in their respective own reflections. Taylor is going to need to practice a bit more before she can effectively pull off this “smoldering’ thing. Check out the video below.

1989 is out now on Big Machine.

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